In the post just prior to this one, I wrote up a list of calibers I’ve fired over the course of my life so far.  It’s a rather eclectic collection, containing from the mundane to some of the more esoteric calibers.  This is due to the variety of friends with unconventional tastes who by their generosity have allowed me to fire their guns and ammo.  This list is a bit different, it’s one that shows some of the gaping holes in my shooting experience, holes that I hope someday to fill. Note that these are just some that come to mind. When visiting friends and family and the chance comes up to “burn powder”, usually I’ll give just about anything a try – once.

Pistol Calibers

25 ACP – Automatic Colt Pistol
32 NAA – North American Arms
380 ACP – Automatic Colt Pistol
38 Super
357 Sig
38-40 – Winchester Centerfire
40 SW – Smith and Wesson – “Short and Weak”
10 MM
50 Desert Eagle
50 GI

Rifle Calibers

300 WM – Winchester Magnum
357 Magnum
38-55 Winchester Centerfire
375 Winchester
375 H&H – Holland and Holland
405 Winchester Centerfire
45 Colt
458 WM – Winchester Magnum
577-450 Martini

Shotgun Gauges

9 mm
24 Gauge
16 Gauge
10 Gauge
8 Gauge

Muzzle Loaders/Cap and Ball Revolvers

32 Rifle
40 Rifle
577 Musket
75 Musket
8 Bore Rifle