Over the years it has been my pleasure to shoot just about anything that comes along, my motto being “Almost anything once” when it comes to the delightful sport of shooting.  Something sparked my memory and I put up a partial list of calibers I’ve fired over the years.  Well, that lead to more cogitation and so here’s a list of calibers I’ve fired at one time or another.  When comparing this list to “Cartridges Of The World” (ANY edition thereof) it’s a very  small and puny list.  But compared to the fact that most folks can’t name more than a half dozen calibers, it ain’t too shabby – especially considering that most of my life has been spent where the shooting sports are not exactly encouraged.  The generosity of friends and family during our brief times of sojourning up North has allowed me to rack up an interesting (to ME anyway)  list. It’s organized as follows – Calibers fired in pistols/handguns, Calibers fired in rifles, Shotgun gauges fired, Muzzle Loaders/cap and ball revolvers. If memory coughs up something more I’ll update the list. Note that the caliber designation does not necessarily indicate the type of firearm from which it was fired. A good example is the 50 BMG (Browning Machine Gun) which was actually fired from a Barrett semi-automatic rifle that belonged to a friend.

Calibers fired in pistols

22 Short
22 Long
22 LR – Long Rifle
22 WMR – Winchester Magnum Rimfire
32 SWL – Smith and Wesson Long
32 ACP – Automatic Colt Pistol
38 SPL – Special/Smith and Wesson Special
357 Magnum
9 MM Luger – Parabellum
44 SPL – Special
44-40 – Winchester Centerfire
44 Magnum – Remington Magnum
45 ACP – Automatic Colt Pistol
45 Colt
454 Casull
480 Achilles
475 Linebaugh
500 Linebaugh

Calibers fired in Rifles

17 HRM – Hornady Rimfire Magnum
22 Short
22 Long
22 LR – Long Rifle
22 Hornet / KHornet
223/5.56X45 – Remington/NATO
6.5 X 55 Swedish Mauser
310 Cadet
30 WCF – Winchester Centerfire
30-06 – Springfield
340 Weatherby Magnum
9 mm – Luger/Parabellum
38 SPL – Special/Smith and Wesson Special
11 mm Mauser – 43 Mauser
45 ACP – Automatic Colt Pistol
44-40 – Winchester Centerfire
444 Marlin
45-70 Gov – Government
45-90 Sharps
475 GNR – Gary N. Reeder
50 BMG – Browning Machine Gun

Shotgun Gauges

36/410 Gauge
32 Gauge
28 Gauge
20 Gauge
12 Gauge

Muzzle Loaders/Cap and Ball revolvers

36 Revolver
40 smoothbore
“44” revolver (using .451 to .457 diameter balls or conicals)
45 rifle/pistol
50 rifle
54 rifle
Willys Steering Column pistol