This is my personal virtual soapbox.  It’s been around for years but recently someone thought it would be cool to contaminate my site with some kind of malware.  So we’re starting from scratch as trying to rebuild and disinfect a site that’s been so defaced takes more time and resources than yours truly is willing to invest.  Shucks, this is just a venting spot and a place to put out ideas for anyone who might be interested.  If you’d like to see the old posts, just got to The Way Back Machine and type in the url and choose a date you’d like to see.  So, here we go again!

Meanwhile, taking a look at the purported “malware infected” pages, methinks they were flagged for content diametrically opposed to the ideology of some folks instead of actually harboring malware.  So, being a bit of a stubborn type, those pages have been copied from way back when and reposted and updated in some cases.  We’ll see where this leads. My appeal to the powers that be at the heavyweight search engine company that flagged my site is still “in the review process”.  We’ll see how much they like what I’ve done with the place recently.