This is indeed a “Hot Topic” these days.  If you think about it a bit, just by the very name it is obvious that these folks are criminals. If you do something “illegal” you are breaking the law. You may not LIKE the law. You may think the law is unfair. But the minute you disobey the law you are, by definition, a lawbreaker, a criminal.

Now, there’s a scourge across our land and that is the huge number of folks who have entered our nation contrary to the laws of our nation. Or they have come in according to the law – and overstayed their welcome. That is, they’ve come in as students or tourists or whatever – and then stayed as lawn care, cleaning, farming or other workers. There are folks practicing medicine or dentistry to certain degrees in various parts, catering to other folks who are also up in the US illegally – without benefit of a medical or dental liscence. And sooner or later someone’s going to be hurt and what recourse will they have?

What should be done? Justice should be done. It is NOT just to reward people for breaking the law. Folks who are living illegally in the nation should be required to leave and do things right before they return. With millions of people breaking the immigration laws this is not a simple task. But it is necessary.

There are cases of folks who have lived for years upon years in the US and never learned to speak the language. Of course, we got folks born and raised there who can’t either – but that’s a different subject.  To my way of thinking (obviously biased from the way I was raised) if you’re going to live in a country you should learn both the language and the customs of the country and do your best to fit in – as long as the customs are not immoral or require you to go against your faith.

And another thing.  I am simply amazed at how the illegal aliens are attempting to subvert our system to their own ends.  There are things in the country where I live that I’m not in agreement with, but I don’t go trying to raise a huge number of folks to protest.  That’s up to the citizens of the nation!  If I don’t like things here, I can go back where I came from!  And I figure anyone should have that option.  If the illegals don’t like US laws – let them leave and find someplace where they feel more welcome.

But what can I say?  I’m a hard hearted fellow (just ask those who disagree with me)  🙂