So, apparently “common sense” dictates that if someone is placed on a “watch list” by a faceless bureaucrat without benefit of a trial nor the opportunity question those placing him there, that person should then be denied their constitutional rights.  Really?  REALLY? Does “common sense” really dictate that much trust in nameless/faceless bureaucrats?  Methinks not.  Why?

Well, for one, I’m currently suffering the effects of being on a “watchlist” of sorts.  Yes, my website was hacked, some nameless/faceless poor excuse for humanity loaded my website with malware.  It was not doing much, just sitting there as a front for my email and such and occasionally suffered from my eclectic scribblings.  So it didn’t take much at all to just “pull the plug”, delete the domain from the server, place a “holding page” with a “coming soon” notice on the new account – and notify “the powers that be”.  What’s the result?  My site is STILL flagged, although it’s been cleaned up, sanitized, vaccinated and rejuvenated.  Some nameless/faceless bureaucrat from Googleland has deemed that because Pistol Packing Preachers and Christian Sixgunners websites point to my domain it must be noxious.  After all, GUNS ARE EVIL AND SO ARE THOSE THAT POSSESS OR ARE INTERESTED IN THEM.

So, how does that apply to the “No Fly List”?  There is no set process for someone to be placed on that list.  Nor is there any known procedure to be removed from that list.  It is not overseen by any elected official and random people who are no threat to anyone have been placed on it, thereby denying them their right to freely travel.  Why?  Because some nameless/faceless bureaucrat decided to place them on that list and there’s nothing they can do to get off the list.

THAT is what happens when someone takes a dislike to someone else.  All it might take is a disgruntled neighbor making a phone call, stirring the pot and next thing you know, you’re on a “No Fly” list AND are then denied your constitutionally protected rights.  This is NOT justice, nor does it promote anyone’s safety.  We KNOW who the perpetrators of the vast majority of recent mass shootings are – but it is politically incorrect to point out that they are NOT mainstream white, conservative, Christian, pro-freedom, NRA members; because to do so does not support the current narrative.