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Month: June 2016

About those “watch lists”…

So, apparently “common sense” dictates that if someone is placed on a “watch list” by a faceless bureaucrat without benefit of a trial nor the opportunity question those placing him there, that person should then be denied their constitutional rights.  Really?  REALLY? Does “common sense” really dictate that much trust in nameless/faceless bureaucrats?  Methinks not.  Why?

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A right to feel safe?

Following the horrific attack in Orlando, Florida in the early hours of Sunday, June 12, 2016, there has been a virtual storm of posts in social media, most of which reflect, amplify, distort and or merely repeat the “main stream” media.  As this author sits here contemplating the situation, he is lead to consider some of the statements made by persons of his acquaintance in regard to what transpired.

One of the most ironic statements made by some folks is made in the form of a question, “What about my RIGHT to FEEL SAFE?”.  This is usually made in reply to the idea of allowing people to possess firearms for defense of self and others, and is usually made by those who are diametrically opposed to the idea of using force to resolve situations which can only be resolved by the use of force.

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